Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company is striving to improve the accessibility of our Artistic, Educational, and Outreach programming every day. We believe that accessibility is a work in progress and requires a continuous commitment. We will make every effort to accommodate requests in order to facilitate participation in our programs and events by people with diverse needs and abilities. We will continually be updating this webpage. 

We believe:

  • Access is a civil rights issue, with a moral imperative. 
  • Access is a diversity issue. 
  • Reducing the physical and attitudinal barriers to people with disabilities by creating environments accessible to all is the fundamental principle underlying access and universal design. 
  • Access benefits the greater population.
  • Access should be integrated into all facets and activities of our organization, from day-to-day operations to long-range goals and objectives. 
  • We should lead by example. 
  • Access is a dynamic work in progress, as new initiatives are developed, art forms change and expand, and new technologies are introduced. 

For our performances, we work closely with The Salt Lake County Center for the Arts and Arttix. You can find more information here regarding patron accommodations provided by them.

Please contact for further inquiries.