Breeanne Saxton

Breeanne Saxton photo by Stuart Ruckman

A proud Salt Lake City native, Breeanne received her BFA in modern dance from the University of Utah in 2015. During her time there she choreographed various dance and installation based pieces and worked with artists such as Scott Wells, Yanis Adoniou, Eric Handman, Shaun Boyle, and Molly Heller.

Since graduating she has performed for the Utah Opera, LajaMartin, Nichele Van Portfleet, Graham Brown, Sackerson, and Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company as a guest dancer in 2015 and The Nikolais/Louis Foundation for Dance in 2018. She has presented her choreography at the Photo Collective, Salt Lake Community College, The Utah Museum of Fine Arts, The Complex, Salt Lake City Library, and most recently she presented an evening length solo performance entitled Amalgamation at The Arts Factory. She is currently working on a new piece to premier in Berin, Germany in December 2018.

Breeanne is passionate about making and supporting interdisciplinary work that blurs the lines between dance, theater, installation, and audience immersion. She worked as an Arts in Education Specialist with Tanner Dance from 2015-16 and in 2017 created a platform entitled Open Contemporary Technique (O.C.T.) to teach her own classes and host guest dance artists to teach professional level movement classes and workshops in Salt Lake City. Breeanne joined Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company in 2018 and revels in each opportunity to explore various sides of her artistry with the company.