Education Assistant

Education Assistant

We are looking for a mindful, flexible, multitasking, creative and experienced teaching artist to take over the duties and responsibilities of the Education Assistant position. This position is 10 to 18 hours per week. The Education Assistant's primary responsibilities include: helping facilitate education and outreach activities; liaison with the Utah State Office of Education (POPS Program); and other professional partners. Other responsibilities include: assisting in all educational programs and activities such as teaching; booking, scheduling; and helping write educational materials. This position requires the candidate to work in a highly collaborative environment, maintaining open communication with all other departments in the company. The candidate should be willing to enter into diversity, equity, inclusion, and access training through ongoing webinars and other modes of training.

To be a successful Education Assistant, the candidate should maintain an open line of communication with the Education Director and continuously seek opportunities to build relationships with communities, organizations, and public and private agencies. Outstanding candidates are hardworking self-starters with superb networking skills.

Read the full job description from this link Education Assistant Job Description

To Apply: To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and two references. Please put all your application materials in a folder (even if it is just one document you are submitting, please still create a folder), label clearly with your name, and upload to the dropbox link provided below. 

Education Assistant Application

Application Deadline: 7/1/2022

Job Start Date: 8/15/2022

If you have any questions or would like to confirm the receipt of your application, please reach out to the Education Director Ai Fujii Nelson at at , subject line: Education Assistant Position 2022.