Lo and Behold: Discover Diversity in Contemporary Dance!

Apr 30, 2022 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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Lo and Behold: Discover Diversity in Contemporary Dance! is a colorful and dynamic assortment of dances that demonstrates the wide variety of ideas and creative processes that exist in the world of contemporary dance. This performance will take the audience on an exciting journey of diverse movement styles and artistry through the excerpts from five unique choreographer’s works (Andrea Miller, Culture Mill, Yin Yue,  Stefanie Batten Bland, Daniel Charon). Accompanied by narration from Education Director Ai Fujii Nelson, the audience is invited to discover fun, important, and sometimes surprising facts about the artists and their backgrounds, as well as the multiple ways of crafting a contemporary dance piece. 

Running time: 1 hour

An ASL interpreter will be present at this matinee performance for all narration.


Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company’s Moving Parts Family and Sensory Friendly Performance 

Our Moving Parts Family and Sensory Friendly Performance is a theater production that welcomes individuals with a variety of needs, including, but not limited to; young children and their families, people on the autism spectrum, people who are deaf and hard of hearing, as well as first-time theatergoers. The performance is wiggle-friendly and modified to allow for audience movement and vocal reactions. The staff and dancers are trained to accommodate audience needs and responses. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the dance performance in their own unique way, in a safe, non-judgmental environment. 

What you can expect at our Moving Parts Family and Sensory Friendly Performance;

  • An ASL interpreter. 
  • A relaxed and inclusive atmosphere where the audience can feel comfortable during the performance.
  • Permission to enter or exit the theater during the performance, with the assistance of ushers.
  • The house lights will remain partially on during the performance rather than being turned completely off.
  • The intensity of the theatrical lighting and sound effects will be reduced.
  • A less-loud, cozy area will be available for anyone who needs to take a break from the show.
  • Tablets and smartphones will be permitted to help non-verbal audience members communicate.
  • Comfort kits/sensory bins, sunglasses, and ear muffs available upon request. (LINK to form)
  • A designated scent-free area in the audience. 

While attending this performance, please avoid wearing perfume and products such as strongly scented deodorants and lotions in respect for those who have sensitivity to smells.

Please fill out this form to inform us of any extra needs you may have. 

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing  or calling ArtTix at 801 - 355 - ARTS (2787)

Please review our full accessibility statement here and reach out with any concerns or suggestions you may have.