More Ways to Support

Help support Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company!

  • Buy Tickets to a Show.
  • VOLUNTEER a few times per year.
  • DONATE APPRECIATED SECURITIES, BONDS, MUTUAL FUNDS, STOCKS or LAND. Please consult your financial advisor, or contact us for our Broker Account information to transfer stocks. DTC #: 0057
  • RMD: Are you 70?! (we won’t tell – promise).  YOU can make a Required Minimum Distribution directly to Ririe-Woodbury and NOT pay taxes.  Please consult your financial advisor.
  • DONOR ADVISED FUND: Please include Ririe-Woodbury in yours! (see attached DAF.) According to National Philanthropic Trust:
    • This method receives the most favorable tax treatment under the Internal Revenue Code
    • Fund growth is tax-free
    • A Donor Advised Fund is simple and inexpensive to establish via your financial advisor, or the Community Foundation of Utah.
  • Donate as a Sustainer: For the price of a coffee, you can support Ririe-Woodbury every month with an automatic donation as low as $5 per month or more. Just select monthly when donating! You will help entertain and enrich over 50,000 people annually, including youth – many from Tier 1 schools for the disadvantaged!  AND we serve as a Cultural Ambassador on national and international tours!


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