Payment for Educational DVDs

"Teaching Beginning Dance Improvisation" and "Teaching Advanced Dance Improvisation" are comprised of six DVDs and two workbooks, and were created as resource guides for beginning and advanced teachers of improvisational dance. These instructional packages provide suggestions for methodology, teaching hints, coaching phrases, things to look for, and alternate improvisational problems.

Shirley and Joan, both teachers of dance for more than 40 years, with video director Arthur Pembleton and video editor Pat Van Duser were awarded a grant for this project by the National Endowment for the Arts Artists In Education program in recognition of its excellence in the field of education.


  • $300 for both DVDs: Teaching Beginning and Advanced Dance Improvisation
  • $175 for just Teaching Beginning DVD
  • $175 for just Teaching Advanced DVD

Shipping and handling fees are $20 by Fed-Ex national, and $40 international for orders of 4 or less.

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