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Synthesis - Young Artist Showcase

Dec 15, 2023 7:30 pm


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Synthesis - Young Artist Showcase

December 13, 14, 15  2023 | 7:30 PM 

Featuring Choreography by: Daniel Charon, Ririe-Woodbury Dancers and Dance Educators. Performed by High School Dance Companies with a special appearance by the Company Dancers.

Leona Wagner Black Box Theatre at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center

SYNTHESIS is an electrifying dance event that celebrates the legacy of Ririe-Woodbury, our visionary co-founders. Their profound influence has shaped countless dancers, inspiring them to become captivating performers and insightful instructors. Many former Company dancers have evolved into esteemed dance educators, cultivating a spirited community of aspiring artists. 

This eclectic performance brings together dedicated dance educators with emerging young artists. The stage will come alive with dynamic choreography, crafted by these esteemed teachers and performed by talented high school dance companies. The Company dancers will also share their creations, born during the Ririe-Woodbury's high school choreographic residencies. In addition, an invigorating excerpt from Artistic Director Daniel Charon's musically driven thriller “Storm” (2011) will be performed by the Company dancers. This exhilarating performance promises to propel our vibrant dance community toward a dynamic future, igniting a new era of creativity and innovation.

Through their shared dance lineage, boundless passion, and exquisite artistry, these performers embody the true essence of SYNTHESIS.