NORWEIGIA / Yerushalmy

NORWEIGIA / Yerushalmy photo by Stuart Ruckman

Choreography - Netta Yerushalmy

Musical Score - Sasha Argov, Johann Sebastian Bach, Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst

Costumes - Netta Yerushalmy and the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

Lighting Design - Cliff Wallgren

Performers - Bradley Beakes, Alexandra Jane Bradshaw, Yebel Gallegos, Mary Lyn Graves, Bashaun Williams, and Melissa Younker

Premiere Date - April 9, 2015

27 minutes

Program Note - This work uses and abuses a variety of less-than-subtle theatrical devises, in an effort, ultimately, to heighten both the artificiality of the stage arena as well as the very real presence and bodies of these six dancers. Built of five different sections that have illusive relationships to one another, NORWEGIA takes you on a trip to vastly different aesthetic landscapes. As viewers, my hope is that the continuum of imagery and distinct performative modes that unfold as you witness the work, will accumulate to something of substance  - both entertaining and alienating, both confusing and seductive.