You and the Space Between / Azcue

You and the Space Between / Azcue photo by Stuart Ruckman

Choreography - Miguel Azcue

Musical Score - Brandon Wolcott and Emil Abramyan

Lighting Design - Cliff Wallgren

Costumes - Melissa Caldwell Clark

Performers - Bradley Beakes, Alexandra Jane Bradshaw, Yebel Gallegos, Mary Lyn Graves, Tara McArthur, and Bashaun Williams

Premeire Date - April 24, 2014

Program Note - This piece challenges the perception of time and space. It explores the power of imagination to cross boundaries in simple, playful ways. It resembles a kaleidoscope where bodies and emotions combine in suggestive landscapes. With this work I look for poetic images that trigger associations and thoughts on the changing nature of things.