Star Mark / Kotze

Star Mark / Kotze photo by Stuart Ruckman

Choreography - Joanna Kotze

Original Musical Score - Ryan Seaton

Lighting Design - Cliff Wallgren

Costumes - Eugene Tachinni

Video Design - Daniel Charon

Performers - The Company

Premiere Date - April 7, 2016

21 minutes 

program note - "Star Mark seeks to challenge conventional notions of beauty and normality through a complex web of highly physical movement. By questioning what we see as beautiful or usual - in a person, in movement, in structure - Star Mark offers a more multi-layered view of who a performer is, what they do and how we see them. Created through daily investigations of the person, the body and space in relationship to time, other bodies and the viewer, this work taps into the multiplicity of life by allowing for the emergence of humor, uniqueness, form, and the unknown."