Enter / Charon

Enter / Charon photo by Stuart Ruckman

Part 2 of the Together Alone Trilogy

Choreography - Daniel Charon in collaboration with the dancers

Original Musical Score - Michael Wall

Lighting Design - Cliff Wallgren

Costume Design - Laura Kiechel

Video Design - Daniel Charon

Performers - The Company

Premiere Date - April 7, 2016

25 minutes

program note - "Enter, part 2 of the Together Alone trilogy, is inspired by the notion of our abstracted existence within the vastness of a new, digital ecosystem. Who are we within the immense openness of this borderless digital landscape––a  space where we can be anonymous, real, or imagined? Author Neal Stephenson suggests our digital consciousness exists in a Metaverse where our interactions occur within “the black desert of the electronic night.”