Elizabeth, the Dance / Carlson

Choreography - Ann Carlson 

Set Design - Torry Bend

Lighting Design - Cliff Wallgren

Musical Conception - Ann Carlson

Soundscape - Matthew McMurray

Performers - The Company

Ririe-Woodbury Premiere Date - April 13, 2017

75 Minutes

Program Note:


  1. respect or reverence paid or rendered

Elizabeth, the dance pays homage

  • to visionaries and teachers whose shoulders we stand upon
  • to the history of dances that have inspired this one
  • to the walls outside ourselves and within
  • to copyright, access, ownership, oppression
  • to the activists and artists who have paved the way
  • to dancers as shamans
  • to those that shame us
  • to those that inspire our liberation
  • to the joy, disappointment and mystery of desire