Move-It Teacher Workshops

Ririe-Woodbury's Teacher Workshop is designed for teachers who are working in the university, professional, and/or secondary school settings. Shared experiences in technique, improvisation, choreography, and body conditioning will provide participants the opportunity for artistic growth and rejuvenation. The participants will address the Utah State Core Curriculum requirements, trends in the field, and issues of dance training and dance making to increase and elevate the skills and practices of teaching in the field.

This year we are bringing some useful tools for teaching in the classroom, be it face to face, hybrid or online pedagogical teaching methods. We have an incredible line up of national and international master teachers waiting to share their knowledge.

Joseph ‘jo’ Blake, USA   Alexandra Bradshaw-Yerby, Canada-USA   Ching-I Chang, Taiwan    

Carina Fourmyle, USA      Kate Mattingly, USA    Violeta Martinez, Pánama    

Toshiko Oiwa, Brazil    Ai Fujii Nelson, USA.   And many more.

Faculty Bios

In response to COVID -19... 

Here at Ririe-Woodbury, we recognize that resuming public events will be challenging as we move forward through this unknown time together. We are continually assessing and developing safety protocols to re-open following guidance from state and local governments as well as staying in conversation with other arts organizations around the country. Our goal is to do everything we can to keep our patrons, dancers, and staff safe.

With that in mind, we are exploring two scenarios for our Teacher Workshop and Young Dancer Workshop this summer.  One scenario is that everything will be moved online.  The other is to try and achieve part-physical and part-virtual.  The result of the survey from the week of May 4th, 2020 revealed that a lot of Educators would really like to get back in the studio and move, if possible. That informed us that we should look into the possibility of having a physical class with a limited number of participants (3 - 10 people, depending on the space), while live-streaming the class at the same time. 

We will still be dancing and learning together this summer for sure - in whatever capacity is safe and plausible.  Class content will be carefully designed as well.  Perhaps much of the class material will be non-vigorous, somatic based exercises. In addition, there is an opportunity for a lab or collective brainstorm on how we approach teaching while maintaining distance in the studio.  We understand that all dance teachers, both locally and globally, will face a new set of challenges in the fall. It would be excellent if this workshop could provide the space for mutual support and problem solving as a community, as well as source of inspiration and encouragement.  


2020 Teacher Workshop | July 27 - July 31, 2020

Tuition  $150.00

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USBE credits and re-licensure points are available. 
Tentative 2020 workshop schedule: pdf2020 Teacher Workshop Schedule Draft 5.12.20
For more information, call 801-297-4213 or email .