A female and a male dancer help four young children to lift a smaller boy as the female dancer and the smaller boy flex their biceps in a pyramid shape in front of an audience

We work to promote the understanding of and appreciation for the art form of dance, in the belief that “Dance is for Everybody!”

Dance education has always been a cornerstone of Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company’s mission. Each year, the Company’s outreach programs enliven over 30,000 students, their families, and teachers with a range of activities including performances, creative movement classes, teacher in-service training, parent-child workshops, and performance demonstrations (assemblies in schools).


Ririe-Woodbury believes that dance is not only an art form, but also a powerful way to educate young children about themselves and the world that surrounds them, while also developing different sets of life skills. We develop our educational programming with the understanding that creative dance can help the students develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, aesthetically, and socially in a safe and fun environment.

  • Body - motor skills, strength, coordination, rhythm, and musicality
  • Mind - critical thinking, curiosity, problem solving, creativity, and imagination
  • Respect for others - communication, collaboration, an opportunity to explore authentic and unique voices, while learning about the diversity of expressions in the world.


Our Within Reach is a community engagement and outreach program, created to build a positive and synergistic relationship with other non-profit organizations, art institutions, and community groups through various forms of collaboration.  Believing that “Dance is for Everybody,” dance should be part of everybody’s life, regardless of race, gender, age, ability, etc.  With this belief and through Within Reach events and activities, the Company strives to reach and engage a more diverse spectrum of people in our community. 

In collaboration with Minding Motion For Graceful Aging™, weekly one-hour classes are offered at Mount Olympus, Magna, River's Bend and Tenth East Senior County facilities along the Wasatch Front.  Minding Motion™ classes are structured to enhance and regain cognitive, physical, emotional functioning as well as overall well-being of about 60-70 older adults. The conditions of the participants range from simple to mild aging health issues to advance cases of dementia such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and stroke.

POPS Annual Report 

  • Utah State Board of Education's POPS Program annual report: educational activities during 2020-21   POPS Annual Report 2020-21

Accommodation and Accessibility 

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