Presenting Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

Evening-Length Performances, Available for Touring

Welcome! Please peruse Ririe-Woodbury (Rī ́-rē - Woŏd ́-bûr-ē) Dance Company’s touring repertory and residency activities. 

In addition to performing full-evening concerts of contemporary dance, we love bringing traditional and non-traditional spaces to life with invigorating and highly tailored performance, education, and outreach programming. Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company's 20+ activity residency menu allows presenters the opportunity to build unique residencies that engage their communities and meet their programming objectives. Should you have any questions regarding the featured repertory, availability, artist fees, or residency programming, please submit a booking inquiry.


"We recently had the pleasure of hosting Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company for a two-week community dance residency, during which the company held immersive programming with elementary and middle students from low-wealth schools, senior citizens, experienced youth and adult dancers, and individuals with disabilities. During their time in Wilmington, the company demonstrated incredible versatility and educational expertise. We were consistently impressed with their ability to adapt to each group with which they worked, as well as by their extensive preparation and the seamless way they functioned as a team. The experience was powerful and transformative for our community--and the impact will be long-lasting."- The Wilson Center at Cape Fear Community College, 2019